Rural Ramble Tour

The Rural Ramble Tour provides a unique opportunity to see rural Rajasthan's diverse culture and traditions. Set off in one of our jeeps during peak hour, when the village comes alive, and take a tour of the surrounding settlements.

During your trip, you'll have the opportunity to interact with our village neighbours, share a cup of tea, and swap tales. This connection is typically a touching and enlightening event, providing insights into the native way of life.

As you explore, you'll see goats rising from their nighttime caves, the smell of actual cooking fires being made, and youngsters eagerly pouring water from the communal well.

For a more authentic experience, try going on foot or by camel. This allows you to connect more directly with the inhabitants and fully immerse yourself in rural life.

To make your vacation truly memorable, we welcome you to join a local family in their home for a traditional lunch. This delivers not only a taste of traditional Rajasthani cuisine, but also a better knowledge of the region's rich cultural past. Join us on a Rural Ramble Tour for an exciting tour through the heart of rural Rajasthan.